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A Big No Thank You To Those Who Voted

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    by Nyiko Nxumalo | 29 May 2013

    In this season of open letters, I could not resist the urge to pen one for all the soccer scribes out there who have once again exposed their bias and questionable soccer knowledge through their choices for the PSL awards 2013.

    Everyone knows by now that Khune swept the boards at the annual PSL showpiece but I would like to point out that not all of them were well-deserved. Our “journos”, including the chubby dude in Randburg who’s obsessed with furniture, are quick to throw around words like “lack of consistency” when it comes to the shocking decisions we witness from our referees every week but I would like to ask them why they couldn’t apply this “consistency” they keep crying about when it comes to the judging of the PSL awards.

    Allow me to revisit history to highlight my point:

    2010/2011 season: Orlando Pirates, under the tutelage of the bespectacled, “oranje-hemp” wearing Dutchman claim three PSL trophies, with one diminutive Xhosa boy from Matatiele by the name of Andile Jali playing a starring role in that remarkable run. Did he get rewarded for it? No!! Instead he had to watch in disbelief as another “shorty” (Thulani Serero) hogged the spotlight, all thanks to our “Journos” who felt that Serero, whose team won nothing, was more deserving of the accolades.

    Roll over to the 2011/2012 season and Pirates again engraved their names on 3 trophies, and this time it was the turn of Shaka’s offspring, Siyabonga Sangweni, to play the Chuck Norris (starring) role in leading Bucs to the unprecedented double treble. I hear you asking “did he at least get the due recognition?” Not a chance- he too had to suffer the humiliation of watching a player whose team had only managed a second-place finish in the PSL, (ironically another Siyabonga) Nomvethe, collect all the awards that counted.

    How Jali and Sangweni did not take the awards, still leaves me baffled. The answer is simple- they do not fit the description of the perfect South African media darling, which is simply the following- young, light-skinned and playing for Chiefs, with the latter being the decisive factor. You think I’m lying, think back to Brian Baloyi, Jabu Pule (as he was then) and now Khune- all light-skinned, playing for the “glamorous” ones from Phefeni and over-hyped by our media.

    Back to the serious business at hand, you can’t tell me that Khune had a season any better than the one Sangweni had in the previous campaign. And yet not a single one of these guys (the “journos”) made noise when their contemporaries contrived to commit daylight robbery by handing Bhele awards he did not deserve at the end of the previous campaign.

    Tonight, all of you so-called soccer “experts” lost my respect with your “biasness”. You have indicated without shame that the PSL is in fact no different to the farm spoken of in George Orwell’s best seller, where the animals in gold and black are more equal than the rest. I challenge anyone out there to a debate on this and I will gladly point out to them, using evidence, that Khune was not even the best goalkeeper this season, let alone the best player.

    Let me close off with the immortal words of the legendary Humphrey Memezi and say that “It’s an issue that annoys me: I’m angry that Chiefs players must be projected as these brilliant players. The PSL is dealing with hundreds of other players who are better than them. WHAT A JOKE these PSL awards are!!”

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