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FNB Stadium Security Upgraded, Thank Bieber!

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    by Kagiso Khaole | 24 Jul 2013

    It seems as though football fans will stand to benefit from the “Bieber Heist” that happened back in May. Stadium Management has announced that it will be introducing enhanced security service delivery at all the venues they manage, starting this Saturday with the pre-season friendly between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs at FNB Stadium.

    Here is the full press release from Stadium Management on the FNB Stadium security upgrades:

    Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA) is committed to the facilitation of spectator friendly yet secure events hosted at our country’s premier sport and recreational facility, FNB Stadium and at its satellite venues of the Orlando, Rand and Dobsonville Stadiums.

    Over the past month SMSA has embarked on a multi-disciplinary and stakeholder strategy to enhance the levels of safety and security delivery and the general risk environment at its venues.

    As part of this strategy and process, (SMSA) has met and engaged various safety & security stakeholders within the public & private sector as part of its stated initiative to improve safety and security offerings at its stadia for upcoming major sports & recreational (including music concert) events.

    One of the primary focuses of SMSA will be to facilitate a safety and security operational environment at it stadia which aligns itself fully with the provisions of the “Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010” (Act No.2 of 2010) (the “Act”). This also includes ensuring that those stakeholders who have key legislative responsibilities in terms of the Act – fully assume such responsibilities.

    To this end a multi-stakeholder SMSA Security Committee has been established. The purpose of the committee, which consists of SMSA management, SAPS and security service provider representatives and a specialist event risk management advisor, is to set and oversee the implementation of enhanced safety and security policy and standards for implementation at SMSA managed venues and events.

    The annual Carling Black Label Cup, which is scheduled to be hosted at FNB Stadium this coming Saturday, will be the first beneficiary of the commencement of this public safety and security enhancement process. For this mega sold–out capacity event, SMSA has, inter alia, appointed no less than eight experienced Private Security Regulatory Authority (“SIRA”) registered event security businesses to deliver, under the ultimate command and control of the SAPS, the private sector component of the security operation at this very special event. The security businesses concerned are Sakhizwe Pro, Sidas, Diligence, Secure Events, Eyethu, Servest, and IBEX Risk Management.

    Each of these security businesses will be contractually bound to perform their respective security services at the event in terms of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that stipulates their respective responsibilities on pain of financial penalty. As required by the Act, each of the security businesses concerned is required to deliver a complete SIRA listing of all of the security officers that they will be deploying at Saturday’s event, to the SAPS, for SIRA compliance audit purposes. Random SIRA compliance checks will also be undertaken by an internal auditor on the day of the event.

    Jacques Grobbelaar, SMSA CEO and Chairperson, says that an improved security risk environment was of the utmost priority following the heist suffered by Concert organisers in May.

    “Every year millions of concertgoers and sports fans pass through our turnstiles looking forward to a safe and enjoyable experience at our stadia. It is our duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that our patron’s basic rights of personal safety are catered for by experienced and legislatively compliant major event security service providers. We have been working tirelessly to enhance and upgrade our safety and security services for future events hosted at our stadia and are happy to report that the first fruits of the implementation of such will be evident at the Carling Black Label Cup on 27 July.”

    “We are also pleased to announce that we have recently secured the specialist advisory services of arguably the leading specialist major event and stadium risk management consultant in the country, Patrick Ronan, of IRM, to strategically assist us with this process”.

    Patrick, a strategic risk management planning and oversight veteran of over 150 major international sporting and recreational events and the Government appointed architect of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, will, inter alia, be assisting SMSA management and their key Stadium safety and security stakeholders with safety and security risk planning, policy formulation, legislative compliance and implementation oversight – particularly at future major events hosted at FNB Stadium.

    Grobbelaar stated that for the Carling Black Label Cup event, the Stadium has been divided into, by the SAPS chaired Event Safety and Security Committee (“ESSPC”), a number of operational zones with each of the appointed security businesses allocated a specific area of responsibility. Additional site-specific training was in the process of being undertaken with each of the security businesses within that specified area of responsibility in an attempt to ensure that all deployed security staff are venue-orientated and understand their respective roles and responsibilities.

    It is also the intention of SMSA to compile a database of all SIRA registered site-specific trained security staff and to identify those security staff that require additional or refresher training. Security staff will be thoroughly briefed in order that they are able to provide the necessary assistance to patrons.

    Grobbelaar assured the public that the ESSPC for the event were also focusing on implementing more effective event day security officer and steward re-deployment strategies. “Our ultimate goal is to facilitate a more effective security service delivery to the public which will, in part, be achieved through the deployment of more effective and efficient policies and strategies that we are in the process, in consultation with the SAPS, key City public safety and emergency stakeholders, and a specialist event risk management advisor, of designing and implementing.”

    Venue Operations Centre (VOC) appointed officials will be visible and deployed on the ground on event day to feedback relevant public safety information back to the Stadium VOC, the nerve center of safety and security delivery on major event days. These officials will include experienced members of the SAPS, EMS Fire Safety, Disaster Management, the JMPD, SMSA management and a manager from each of the security businesses who will be deployed at the event.

    “This roaming VOC structure will, amongst others, play a role in proactively addressing any risk issues that may arise and provide any assistance needed by patrons while also keeping tabs on operational matters to ensure that the VOC is fully updated, with relevant safety and security information throughout the course of the event.”

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